Naptime Photography: Getting Creative While Your Little One Sleeps
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Saturday, January 31, 2015
By Julie

My husband and I are currently preparing our home and lives for our next big adventure - the arrival of our baby girl. Over the years, I've discovered a lot of creative ways to photograph and document the lives of countless families but now, it's my turn to photograph ours. The pressure's on! There are so many fun and interesting ways to photograph a newborn or toddler from a photographer's perspective but the creativity that I've seen from mothers photographing their own children has been amazing to me. I'm in awe of their photographs. Here are a two in particular that I'd like to share with you:

1) Mother/Photographer's Name: Jessica Shyba

- A little background information: The images started with just her youngest son, Beau, and their rescue puppy, Theo, enjoying naptime together. You can basically see them grow up together in her collection of images. Naptime snuggles became their "thing." She recently had a fourth child, Evangeline, who has joined the naptime photo sessions so basically the images are three times as adorable now. 

- What I love: Jessica has four children and the love in their family is palpable in the images that she posts. My heart swells with happiness and love everytime she posts a new picture. This is what photography is all about: capturing precious moments and being able to relive beautiful memories.

- Instragram Account:


2) Mother/Photographer's Name: Sioin Queenie Liao

- A little background information: Sioin is an artist and mother of three boys. One day, she started photographing her son's naptime. These are not just any ordinary photos though - she creates full on fairytale backdrops for each naptime and photographs them in such a thoughtful, magical way. 

- What I love: The creativity that she posesses to be able to dream up these backdrops, create them and then photograph them so perfectly is quite impressive. 

- Website:

It's different: as a photographer, you get 1-2 hours with a child and you basically need to capture whatever comes up in that time frame. I tell all new parents that photographing a newborn is like being on safari - you can't force anything to just have to sit back, wait and make sure you're ready for when the epic moments show up on their own. It's a completely organic process involving a lot of patience and a bit of luck. I've never had a sitting where there weren't beautiful, perfect moments - it always just  have to trust the process. You just can't force honest and true interactions. 

As a mother, however, you get to live each day and night with your little one. There are tons of moments to capture if you look for them. You have time with your child that a photographer will never get. You see moments that a photographer may never get the opportunity to see and capture for you. That's what I love about what these two moms have done - they have sought out their children's most peaceful, vulnerable moments and have had enough patience to capture them.

On that note, I want to say thank you to these talented moms for their vision and inspiration. I can only hope that I will be able to dream up this kind of creativity with my little one. Stay tuned!

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