Blizzard of 2015: A Picturesque Winter Wonderland
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Friday, February 06, 2015
By Julie

I love summer just as much as much as the next girl but I also really enjoy winter. Last Monday when I was watching the news, they kept mentioning this "epic blizzard" that was heading our way. Of course, I thought they were hyping it up because let's be honest - New Yorkers can be a little dramatic. In Colorado, everyone cheered when a huge snow storm was in the forecast b/c then that meant that everyone was heading up to the mountains for the weekend to get some skiing/snowboarding in. Here in New York...not so much - I heard a lot of complaining from people after the first few inches fell. But they were right - it was epic indeed and it did not spare the Hamptons whatsoever. 

I know that most people probably cringed while hearing the forecast last week but I was psyched. I love waking up to a winter wonderland (the change of scenery), sitting by a fire and reading, playing in the snow... these are all such cozy thoughts to me. We of course didn't expect to be snowed in for two whole days BUT thankfully, there were no medical emergencies so we cozied up and enjoyed being disconnected from reality for a while.

When the winds cleared and the sun came out, we ventured out and enjoyed the 2.5+ feet of snow that was left here for us to dig out of. Pure excitement and happiness ensued...


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