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Congratulations! Either you are thinking of proposing or you've already gotten engaged. What an exciting time!

Normally for Proposal Portraits, there is already some idea in place and I'm just the last piece of the puzzle to capture it all. Sometimes, however, there is no plan except that you want to have it photographed. I'm happy either way! I love brainstorming but I can also just sit back and fall into an already developed plan. My style is mainly photojournalistic for this kind of portrait - I like to be able to tell the full story from beginning to end from an onlooker's perspective.

For Engagement Portraits, there is a lot of collaboration involved between my clients and myself - location, outfits, special props, etc... I tend to have both a photojournalistic and traditional approach to this type of sitting to maximize the variety of photos that you will receive. Many engaged couples use these images on their Save The Date cards so it's important to make them unique and true to the specific couple being photographed.